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Chief Coin and Supply Co., LLC: Your Source for all Your Coin Collecting Supplies

Whitman Albums, Dansco Albums, and Library of Coin Albums for Coin Collectors

Chief Coin & Supply Co., LLC was founded in 1972 as a part time enterprise which grew into the full time coin and coin supply business it is now.  The initial focus of Chief Coin & Supply Co., LLC was to specialize in the sale of out of print and hard to find coin supplies, such as Whitman Bookshelf Albums, Whitman Coin Folders, Library of Coin Albums, and Wayte Raymond Boards.  During the late 1980’s, Chief Coin & Supply Co., LLC became a distributor for Whitman coin supplies.  Today Chief Coin & Supply Co. LLC also sells Dansco coin albums and, along with the Whitman coin supply product line, offers both current production and out of production titles.

Coin Collecting Supplies, Coin Tubes, and Coin Folders

Chief Coin & Supply Co., LLC offers many of the coin albums and coin collecting supplies numismatists enjoy in gently used as well as new condition.  The older style Whitman, Dansco, and Library of Coin albums have several titles for Canadian coins, some for Great Britain and limited titles for coins in other foreign countries.   As well as the coin albums and folders, Chief Coin & Supply Co. LLC offers all other basic coin collecting supplies, including:

  • Coin Tubes
  • 2x2 Flips 
  • Cardboard Mylar Holders
  • Coin Collecting Stock Books and Boxes

Rare Coin Collector Supplies, Equipment, and Hard to Find Items

Chief Coin & Supply Co., LLC also carries most of the popular coin collecting reference books, such as the Whitman Red Book, Whitman Blue Book, and the Krause Standard Catalogs of World Coins. All Chief Coin & Supply Co., LLC coin collecting products are available with both retail and wholesale options for dealers.  If there is something specific you are looking for, ask as Chief Coin & Supply Co., LLC. We may carry what you’re looking for and, if not, we can help you get it. In addition to the coin supplies, Chief Coin & Supply Co., LLC handles most of the modern Mint products such as Proof sets and Mint sets and has a nice line of choice original BU singles in all denominations.  Chief Coin & Supply Co. LLC features a popular “This & That” selection of interesting groups of coins and coin collecting supplies as well as some closeouts and overstock items.

Contact the rare coin collectors and wholesalers at Chief Coin and Supply Co., LLC today for more information on our wide selection of coin collecting supplies.